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honey 05 | taking the leap

honey 05 | taking the leap

It's a scary one.
The big jump from comfortable and consistent (even if not particularly enjoyable), to uncertain and risky. From working for "the man," to work for yourself. From surviving to thriving. Ashley and I have both been there -- when our husbands where in school and the financial responsibility largely fell on us, we each worked three and four jobs at a time, some for creative development and others just for the pay. Long nights and crazy schedules but driven by the enthusiasm to do what you love. 

And then one day, it just happened. We jumped. 

Hart+honey collective // ashley wilcox graphic designer, lily glass photography. Taking the leap: getting your heart and mind ready to go out on your own.

And we survived!

If you find yourself in a similar boat, grab your paddles (and life jacket!), as we explore helpful steps for your heart, mind and hands as you float down this river flowing with opportunity, rocks, rapids and that weird plant on the banks that tries to eat your oars... 

Whether you know exactly what it is you want to pursue or you're still figuring it out, it's important to surround yourself with like-minded people. Thanks to the good ol' interwebs, creative communities and resources abound. Search out local Facebook groups, online forums (which should be read with a grain -or teaspoon of- salt), and workshops that pertain to your field of interest and put you in contact with folks a few steps ahead. One of my favorite podcasts is After the Jump  hosted by Design*Sponge's Grace Bonny -- on top of a crazy-successful career, Grace finds time to both interview other creatives and share her personal thoughts/tips/failures/work-life-balance. (Her Biz Ladies series is also fantastic!)

Find someone who is doing what you love and ask them about it. They've been there, too. No one started out knowing exactly what they were doing. Most folks would love to grab a cup of coffee and it would probably do their heart good to chat with someone starting out and so passionately pursuing their dreams. 

Be gracious with yourself. Realistic expectations are imperative and that can be tricky for optimistic dreamers. If you hit one of those rocks or your oar gets stuck, don't give up. Allow room for mistakes and embrace the opportunity to learn from them.

Don't loose sight of your priorities. In the early days of building your own business it can be easy to justify late nights and long hours. But keep in mind that a healthy, well-rested body and soul that's encouraged to rest and laugh and be with others will last far longer and your work will reflect that.  

Be sure to stay tuned for the next HART post in which we'll look at more tangible action points to continue this journey. xo


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