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HART 05 | slowing down

In the business of being creative I have found that it is hard to rest. Whether it be that there isn't time, that we are afraid of losing business, having others pass us up or even that we just forget. In our culture slowing down=death of people knowing how great we are. But it can mean the opposite!

Our culture, our generation even, asks for us to do more and do it faster. I have recently entered the world of full-time freelance, it's scary man!  I should be tweeting every commentary I think of, instagramming everything I eat and always always, making sure my lipstick is perfect. 

That sounds exhausting and a little ridiculous to be honest. 

As we drove home from a photo shoot we had a really amazing realization: What if we slowed down? What if we chose a few projects to do really (really really really) well? What if we rested along the way and spent time with our hubbys? What if we chose to live a life where we prioritized in order to be full of hart when we started a project. 

Well, we are a month into our experiment. I  have accidentally let up on social media, not because I meant to but because I'm having really sweet moments with friends and family. Moments & conversations that are so lovely I get swept up in them and forget to take a picture.  ***Now don't get me wrong, instagram is a lovely way to document the things you want to remember, or encourage others by showing the world how amazing they are. This is not a social media slam, I love seeing your kids apple picking or even picking their nose! Don't stop, please!***

This is all just to say that with so many sweet moments in our back pockets we have felt focused and loved and ready to work really, really hard on the next project. It's not a too bad of a trade off...

image found via  Joanna Goddard's pinterest

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