photo by  giles clement

photo by giles clement

Hart & Honey is the creative collaboration of Ashley Wilcox (graphic designer) & Lily Glass (photographer). We began working together in the Spring of 2012 when we realized that collaborating made our final products even better and the creative process more enjoyable. In our joint and individual work, we seek to generate quality content, meaningful conversation and tangible goods that make life a little lovelier.

Most of our best memories include food. our favorite gatherings take place at the table, lingering after a second helping. Food brings people together. It is a common ground, an even playing field. it is here that honest conversations take place. That true understanding of one another can happen. Food meets so many needs; it slows us down. The planning, preparing and consuming of it take us out of the daily grind, out of the content-content-content screaming at you and it grounds you. We hope you find a respite from the hustle of life within this space. 


  • Blog // Here you'll find a genuine conversation about hospitality and community. Through recipes and conversation we encourage you to slow down and live life together. And because we want the best experience with our food, we seek to share it in an innovating and exciting visual way.
  • Workshop // Join us for an in-depth and hands-on look at styling and photographing for blogs and social media. We'll talk about planning, preparing for and executing a photo shoot and discuss how creative collaboration can elevate your final product and brand. The workshop gives an in-depth look at building a killer prop collection, shooting in a variety of lighting situations and setting your work apart on social media. As creatives, it's important to show your space, your process, your product and your personality. We'll share creatives ways to capture these things and genuine methods of putting those visuals into the world. Whether you're a food blogger, maker or just want to amp up your insta-game, come style and snap with us! Bring your DSLR camera or simply your iPhone. All skill levels welcome. Workshops offered four times a year; join our mailing list to be the first to know of new dates! 
  • Services // We come alongside creatives and small businesses to offer a unique and customized package of styling and photography. One time services and monthly packages for social media available. { Interested? Send us a message below!}

WHERE: Los Angeles, California.  

WHY:  Hospitality goes far beyond your pinterest party board and backyard twinkle lights. It's welcoming the unexpected, and making room for mess - your own and that of the folks that enter your space. It's not always lovely to the eye but often enriches the soul. Making room for the inconvenient and remembering over and over (and over) again that it's the people that matter most. We are told to love because we have been loved first. To encourage one another, build one another up, pray for each other and eat together. And in our experience, each of the former can take place while enjoying the later.You can read more about our WHY here and here.

What is "hart"?

The word hart refers to a red deer stag. The term was used in medieval times to describe a stag 5 years or older, mature and ready to be hunted. Committed to hard work and good craftsmanship, we strive to grow and be better. We think working together provides encouragement and sharpening that is often missed when creating separately.

What is "honey"?

Honey is the sweetness and intentionality we bring to our work experience. It's the one-on-one interactions and understanding our clients and their brand, their personality, and their hopes. Our work is based in the belief that hand-written notes are best and time spent investing in people is more important than time spent at our computers. 

Contact:  hartandhoney@icloud.com

Want to know more? Okay! You can read about our individual creative endeavors and our collaboration process - enjoy! xo

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